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Open space partagé
Open space partagé
Postes de travail dans un espace ouvert et partagé avec une ou plusieurs entreprises
/ Divisible
L'espace peut être loué à une ou plusieurs entreprises

225 HT par poste



10 personnes maximum

Founded in April 2007, Bethouse is Boston’s longest running coworking space. We value community first, and our community consists of early stage startups, entrepreneurs, developers, designers and other creative types working in or around technology. But really, anyone who’s awesome and would add something to the space is welcome. We’ve had DIY biologists, food and culture writers, you name it. The core is definitely tech startups and independents though.
Well, we’re finally expanding (hopefully)! The new Betahouse will be twice the size and appropriate for teams of up to 6 people (depending on how they’d use the space, of course). If Betahouse seems like the place for you, tell us through the form below! To make the move though, we need to know there’s enough interest to make the economics work.
The vision for Betahouse is to be a hub of startup and creative activity: a place where new connections are formed, new ideas and companies are born, people work together, and things gets made.
Community, collaboration, creativity and independence are our pillars.
We also want to do our part to support startups, entrepreneurs, students, makers, community leaders, artists, etc. Ideally, we’ll eventually be able to offer free or subsidized space to select individuals and teams. In fact, we already offer free space to winners of Awesome Foundation grants, and we hope to do more things like that in the future, provided the economics work out. We may seek out sponsorship to help make that happen. Get in touch if you’d like to sponsor.
There’s also another big idea in the works that would complement the space really well and be a *HUGE* win for early stage startups and entrepreneurs. It’s too early to say more on that though. Soon, hopefully.
If you’re interested in being a part of Betahouse, whether as an active resident or as part of our extended family of community members (great for occasional use, or for people who want to support Betahouse and ensure that it thrives), let us know by filling out the form below.
Note that the Community Member option is a super low commitment ($50 / month or $500 / year) for occasional access to the space and conference room, participation in the community, access to events and other benefits, with day passes available for additional days.
That said, our community and culture are important to us, so we need to learn a little about you and why you want to be a part of it.


Frais d'entrée : 0€
Dépôt de garantie : 3 mois
Open space partagé de 95m²
225 HT par mois
10 personnes max
Contrat de prestations de services
-1 mois minimum
-1 mois maximum
Rez de chaussée avec une lumière naturelle
Bureaux dans un esprit neutre
Traduire en
  • Internet
  • Câblage RJ45
  • Confort
  • Cuisine
  • Climatisation
  • Équipement
  • Tables / chaises
  • Photocopieur
  • Fax
  • Téléphone
  • Vidéoprojecteur
  • Services
  • Salle de réunion partagée
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