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 Large Office And Workstation - Generous Share Plan

Large Office and workstation - Generous Share Plan

Bryant at Gilbert Street

Bureau fermé
Bureau fermé
Bureau fermé garantissant votre entière intimité au sein d'un espace
/ Non divisible
L'espace doit être loué par une seule entreprise


399 HT par mois

Soit 199 par poste


2 personnes maximum

If you want a large, newly constructed office in a central San Francisco location then ... well, that's what I have and you're welcome to stop by and take a look. I have a large office directly across the street from the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. We have a very pleasant and productive work environment, and will offer this space to a very limited number of people. We primarily do legal work at this location, though you don't need to be a lawyer to qualify.


Here are some details...??You get the following benefits and amenities for your legal, psychological, therapeutic, or other professional practice. All of the following is being offered at $399, and only very few peole will be sharing this space. ??Please note that the description below includes a total of 48 hours of dedicated office time ( 16 hrs of Office + 16 hours of Conference Room + 16 hours of Work Station), which is enough to run even the busiest of solo practitioner businesses!


Location: Your office is a centralized San Francisco location capable of providing easy access to residencts and visitors and, if you happen to be in a legal field, potential exposure to an unlimited number of law-related business contacts.

Office: You receive a fully equipped and spacious office for holding meetings with clients and their families, for focused work time, or for use as you wish. The office time can be scheduled up to 16 hours per month. The office includes a secure storage cabinet for your belongings, books, or materials.

Work Station: You receive use of a separate, fully equipped work station which can be scheduled up to 16 hours per month. This is an ideal location to work in a quiet, productive setting. 

Conference Room: You receive a well-lighted and conference room with a complete California law library. As with the office, usage can be scheduled up to 16 hours per month, for client meetings or simply focused quiet solo work time if desired.  

Receptionist: You have a full time bilingual receptionist who screens your calls exactly to your specifications, and who will respectfully handle your visitors and clients as they wait or prepare to meet you. Consider the cost of hiring someone to provide this service alone. The receptionist is here for you 8 hours every workday, regardless of whether or not you have scheduled office time.

Phones: You receive your own private extension for calls and voicemail when you are not here.

Mail and Packages: You have a dedicated business address which you can use on your business cards and marketing materials. Your packages are signed for and kept in secure storage.

Copy Machine: You have full use of an industrial, world class color copy machine. As with all tenants, you will receive a unique code to use for the copy machine, with copies charged at the Kinko’s self service rate ($0.15 for full color and $0.08 for black and white.)

Kitchen: You and your guests will have full use of the kitchen/break room, which includes a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and basic refreshments.


Write or call (Henry at 415-314-9656) to arrange a walk-through and meet us. You might look back on this as having been a very fortunate meeting!


Frais d'entrée : 0€
Dépôt de garantie : 3 mois
Bureau fermé de 18m²
399 HT par mois
2 personnes max
Contrat de prestations de services
-1 mois minimum
-1 mois maximum
Rez de chaussée avec une lumière naturelle
Bureaux dans un esprit neutre
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  • Internet
  • Câblage RJ45
  • Confort
  • Cuisine
  • Climatisation
  • Équipement
  • Tables / chaises
  • Photocopieur
  • Fax
  • Téléphone
  • Services
  • Salle de réunion partagée
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